How To Get The Most Out of Your Family Lawyer

Do you have an ongoing family law issue such as a pending divorce, child custody, adoption or paternity test? Well, you probably have a family lawyer to handle the matter. Read the excerpt below to understand how to get the most out of your family lawyer.

Make Your Expectations Known

Let the lawyer know about your expectations. For example, you may want custody of your kids if you think your ex-spouse is irresponsible. Alternatively, you may want to live in your marital home after the divorce. Your expectations will determine the lawyer's approach to the case. 

Provide The Facts

A common mistake made by most clients is the provision of false information or the failure to provide all the facts about the case. For instance, during divorce, some people may fail to tell their lawyers about violent incidents. On the other hand, they may fail to disclose hidden assets during property settlement negotiations. Hiding information from your lawyer will negatively affect the outcome of your case. 

You must provide your lawyer with sufficient evidence. For example, if you claim your spouse is an alcoholic, you should have adequate proof, such as medical records or documents showing admission to a rehabilitation facility.

Follow Your Lawyer's Advice

Your conduct in and out of court could significantly affect the outcome of the process. Your lawyer could advise you to: 

  1. Refrain from making comments about the case on social media. Besides, you should also practice responsible social media use. For instance, abusive remarks could paint you as an irresponsible parent.
  2. Not to contact your spouse once you initiate the divorce proceedings.
  3. Avoid violence and alcoholism.
  4. Abide by the court's initial orders. For instance, the court could ask you to cater to your children's upkeep.
  5. Not to make bulk purchases without the consent of your spouse. 

Sometimes, these instructions may seem unreasonable. However, failure to follow them could negatively affect your case. Besides, you could be held in contempt of the court.  

Know The Terms of Representation

Most clients get in conflict with their lawyers because they do not understand the terms of representation. Check the lawyer's contract to determine the following; 

  1. The services the lawyer will provide, and how much he or she will charge.
  2. The agreed method of communication. For instance, your lawyer could ask you to use email or his or her office phone number.
  3. The contract must state whether paralegals or other attorneys will handle your matter. If yes, who will pay them?
  4. The method of handling attorney-client disputes.

To get the most out of your family lawyer, make your expectations known, provide facts, follow your lawyer's advice and check the terms of representation.  

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